Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hebron New Year's Resolutions (Let's Make Hebron Even Greater in 2016!)

1. Fix the RHAM High School Nature Trail

RHAM High School used to have an amazing nature trail with a small brook running through it.  I remember going down there during science classes to do some research back when I was in high school.  Students even put up a sign and pointed out where the various plants and animals were located.

If you were to go there today, you'd notice that the previous trail isn't even noticeable.  It's got a ton of weeds and bushes growing where it used to be and trash is all over the place.  It's time we clean this up and give the high school and our community a respectable nature trail where we can learn and explore our town's forestry areas.  We shouldn't take away learning just because we haven't maintained our town nature trails (It's actually better than I thought, but let's take it a step further).

2. Bring a Business into the Old Gas Station

It's about time we actually put something here, rather than drive by everyday seeing a roped off area with weeds growing out of concrete.  I know it's a small little area, but c'mon, we have to put something in it's place.  It's been about three or four years, I can't even count how many... I just drive by and see the empty building looking old and decrepit.

3. Fill in the Village Green Area

You know that large green area across from Ted's that's called the "Village Area" or something like that?  I'm not sure people even know what it is, or what's moving into the area, but it's about time we put something there besides just a walking path.  A long road goes up through the area, now we just need some scenery (or businesses) to go alongside it.  Please bring something here to fill our town's gaps.

The road to... nowhere.

4. Buses at the Maple Festival

Remember four or five years ago when the Maple Festival was at its peak?  Maple syrup was sold at the center of town, and they had buses that went all around town, delivering people to the various sugar houses and events.  What happened to the buses?  The festival feels so disconnected without the buses transporting people from the center of town to the sugar houses.  Let's bring it all together again.  I challenge the Windham Chamber of Commerce who is taking over the event this year to bring back buses and unite this wonderful event!

5. Recreational Center

Sure, we have the Teen Center (if that's even in use anymore), and there are gyms, schools, and golf courses throughout town, but we don't have a generic recreational center.  You know, somewhere where bands can play, or maybe there's an arcade, or just some place for people (young people) to hang out on a Friday night that isn't a bar.  Maybe a coffee house or something of the sort. We need to make this town have more events and more places that will keep our youth active.  If we don't bring in a Recreational Center then we need to make our preexisting ones more active.

Enjoy all our nature trails while you're at it.

Yeah, I'm probably missing something... no worries, I will update!  What are your Hebron New Year's resolutions?  Send them to and I will post them here!

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