Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 in Review

Well, 2015 is almost over, and that means we'll be going into 2016 expecting to see more from our beloved town of Hebron, Connecticut.

As 2015 comes closer to an end, let's remember some moments from the year.  As far as I know, there wasn't a complete change in the town in 2015.  We hosted many of the same events we've hosted in the past, like the Hebron Harvest Fair, the Maple Festival, and the second annual Hebron Day.  These are events we've hosted this year and should be back for 2016.

As for new businesses, I noticed that the old Hebron Pharmacy building is getting a new business (Physical Therapy?).  We will have to wait and see, but the building will be used for some kind of therapy.

As for attractions, I noticed many more nature paths throughout the town.  I'm not sure if these were constructed in 2015 or not, but I had not known about them prior.  One of the trails goes from Veteran's Park to Ted's Supermarket, which is a nice walk through some wooded areas and behind new construction.  Secondly are the trails behind Burnt Hill Park which extend to roads around the park.  Maybe these were here before?  I had not known of them before.

In any case, there wasn't too much change overall, but 2016 is coming and we can bring more change to our town in the coming year.  What would you like to see?  What would you expect from Hebron?  Where will we be this time next year?

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