Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hebron Historical Society Hosts 2nd Annual Hebron Historic Day!

What do you know about your hometown other than the places to go, the people to see?  How did your hometown come to be?  I'm sure you've heard the phrase "home sweet home," though maybe you wouldn't imagine the same phrase for your home if you imagined the town years and years before we had the same technology we have now.

On September 19th, Hebron residents and town visitors will have the chance to learn about their town's history.  Come join the Hebron Historical Society at the Old Town Hall, where you will be given a map of historical sites throughout Hebron, view exhibits in the museum, and shop at the local country store.

There will be several Hebron Historical figures  and sites awaiting your arrival, including Burrows Hill Schoolhouse, the Civilian Aircraft Observation Post, Prophet's Rock, and several churches that have grown over the 300 years of Hebron.  You can learn about how all these sites and figures have shaped Hebron into the town it is today.

This event will last from 10 to 4, so please be sure to stop by to educate yourself and learn about the origins of your hometown.  It will be a fun and engaging experience for everyone, whether you are a student trying to learn about your heritage, or an adult who would like to be informed and educated about the town they live in.  See you there!

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